What Can I Expect From Eleuthera?

There are numerous things to do on the island of Eleuthera; from the beautiful beaches that you can walk for miles and miles in complete solitude, to watersports and activities, to exploring caves and finding new blue holes, really the list goes on. We've provided a list of some of our favourites and hope you enjoy!

Things to See and Do in Eleuthera

  • Sapphire hole
    This blue hole is located just minutes away from Preacher's Cave on the northern part of Eleuthera.
  • Queen's Bath
    The Queen’s Bath or the Hot Tubs, is located 0.6 miles south of the Glass-window Bridge on the rugged Atlantic side of the island. These natural pools (carved by centuries of waves pounding the rock) are filled with dramatic crashing waves, shells and small sea life that wash over from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Surfer's Beach
    If riding waves is your thing, then bring your gear and head out to Surfer's Beach, just two miles south of Gregory Town, where southwest winds blow breaks in from the Atlantic. It is said to be the second best beach for surfing in the world.
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  • Seas the Day Boat Charters
    If you’re looking for a great day at sea, well Seas the Day is perfect for you. This boat charter tailors a unique experience based on your desires.
  • BB's Horseback Riding
    BB's Horseback Riding is located in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Enjoy a beautiful horseback ride on the pink sand beach!
  • Da Salty Pig Adventures
    If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime than let Captain Bruce Pinder and the team make your dreams come true, as you experience swimming with the pigs, snorkeling in turquoise blue waters and taking walks on sandy beaches.
  • Fish Fry at Anchor Bay
    Every Friday night at Anchor Bay in Governor's Harbour, across from the Haynes library.
  • Live Band at Tippy's
    Most nights at Tippy's Restuarant.
  • Annual Events
    Be sure to check with the local Ministry of Tourism office to find out about events during your stay.
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